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Your Eco-Friendly Chair

June 20, 2009

The Chameleon Chair® Collection values the importance of being environmentally aware.  As a rental company, our basic concept of reusing product is inherently green. We feel that taking the steps to go “green” is something that every company should be working towards. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to service our clients with the highest quality product while being kind to our earth.  Here’s why Chameleon Chair Collection is the eco-friendly chair rental option:

•    Chameleon chairs were designed with the earth’s resources in mind. Our product is made of steel, an inherently recyclable resource.

•    Steel does not break, like plastic or wood. Therefore its lifecycle is indefinite, and really a function of change in design rather than deterioration.

•    Unlike most seating that requires leg bars or back braces, the construction of Chameleon chairs and barstools utilizes a fewer number of steel components, or parts, to achieve its maximum strength.

•    Chameleon chairs and barstools are presented in its protected form, using a powder coated finish, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance and unnecessary use of natural resources.

•    Damage to the durable Chameleon chair is generally superficial and requires a significantly smaller investment of materials to achieve the look of a brand new chair.

•    Chameleon seating stacks tightly on a custom dolly limiting damage and dramatically conserving storage space resulting in minimal use of restorative products and maximum utilization of space.

•    Chameleon’s efficient dolly storage system maximizes the number of chairs transported, thus conserving fuel.

•    The name Chameleon, like its namesake, morphs into many different looks allowing us to meet our objective of creating and providing our clients with innovative designs while utilizing fewer resources.

•    Ultimately, because Chameleon chairs and barstools are designed with classic style and ergonomics in mind, its style, comfort and adaptability encourages their use over many years.
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