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About Us


Chameleon Chairs LLC was formed in January 2005 and concurrently acquired an existing inventory and patent pending for the Chameleon Chair system. The opportunity to provide over 1,500 chairs for the 2005 Academy Awards® Governors Ball was the Company’s initial foray into the chair business. The Company does business as the “Chameleon Chair® Collection” and designs, manufactures, sells and rents its proprietary products.

Chameleon seating, with its unique and elegant silhouette, sexy tapered legs and attention to detail, is easily recognized and coveted by today’s foremost designers, event planners and venues. Chameleon chairs always make a statement, featuring a plush cushion, ergonomic design and luxurious presentation.

Academy Awards Governors Ball (Sequoia Productions)
The Chameleon Chair Collection not only takes pride in our product but values our loyal and supportive clients. With this in mind, we ensure that our chairs are not only artfully created but versatile as well. Our seating can be used as designed or dressed with one of our many custom-tailored covers.

Always the trendsetter, Chameleon draws its inspiration from the world of fashion, seeking to provide its clients with cutting-edge style. Chameleon’s wardrobe is featured in an array of colors and textures, appealing to the chic and sophisticated as well as those with a more casual or whimsical flair.

The Company operates out of its headquarters, showroom, sales office and warehouse in Los Angeles, California.

Patents and Trademarks

The Company has filed for utility and design patents covering its new products and rental methods, including its transportation system. 

On November 1, 2011, the United States Patent Office issued U.S. Patent No. 8,047,607 B1, on June 4, 2013 issued another patent No. 8,454,088 B2 for Modular Stackable Furniture Systems, and on December 27, 2016, Patent No. 9,527,519 B1. These Patents protect the structure of Chameleon's iconic and novel Chameleon Chair Collection, as well as the way in which Chameleon Chairs stack on top of each other for ease of use and storage and transport. 

The Company has also received the following design patents in the United States numbered D650607, D667230, D667233, D668478, D668069, D689706, D689709, D689710, D696037, D699463, D756142, D756143, and D756144.

The Company has received federal trademark registration for the names "Chameleon Chair" and "Chameleon Chair Collection" in the United States. It has also registered its trademarks in China, Mexico as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization for the mark "Chameleon Chair" covering the European Community.

The Company’s intellectual property portfolio has been and will be updated as new innovations are added.

Insured by IPISCThe Company has obtained an Intellectual Property Abatement (enforcement) insurance policy from the leader in intellectual property insurance, IPISC. This policy offers a unique plaintiff’s coverage which reimburses the litigation expenses to enforce a company’s IP against alleged infringers.